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Lean Click™ helps small to medium-sized companies in the Greater Birmingham area of Alabama by providing inexpensive, growth-impacting search engine optimization (SEO) consulting, as well as digital marketing for the products and services, data, and ideas for their websites.  Whether the marketing challenge is local search visibility, lead conversions, or return-on-investment, we recognize that most small companies cannot afford pricey ad campaigns, nor do they have the time or expertise for understanding search engine nuances, such as sophisticated Google algorithms.  For many new entrepreneurial ventures, owners sometimes have not even quite figured out what consumers really want in a product or service.

This is where Lean Click™ comes in.  With the belief that constant innovation is what creates a long-term, growing business, we will assist our new clients in learning what works and what does not in the most minimal viable way possible.  Results honestly matter, and this is why Lean Click™ focuses on Lean Startup principles to overcome uncertainty and risk when building a new small business. We do this by cycling through rapid experimentation until ideas turn into profits.  Let us help you deliver value to the people you care most about...your customers.


Think Big.

Start Small.

Scale Fast.


#Influence Through Storytelling

Lean Click™ can offer you search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, copywriting, email marketing, and Squarespace web design...

AND MOST OF ALL, we can help you share your interesting content and experiences locally or worldwide to increase brand conversations. 

Our digital storytelling is done in an engaging and emotional manner that makes your customers crave more!





Not that the story need be long, but it will take a long while to make it short.
— Henry David Thoreau